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Reproduction German K98 Ammunition Pouches

A set of reproduction K98 pouches which have both been waffenampt and three letter makers code. Both pouches also have cell dividers just like on the originals. Ideal for re-enactment and display.

Code: 63514

35.00 GBP

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Reproduction MG42 Anti-Aircraft Sight

This is a very good metal reproduction anti-Aircraft sight for the MG42 machine gun.

Code: 63513

40.00 GBP

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German MG15 Twin Drum Saddle Magazine

A battle damaged twin drum saddle magazine for the Luftwaffe MG15 machine gun which was the standard machine gun used on most German aircraft. The this example still retains traces of its original finish had suffered from a dent to one side. It is also missing some screws. However it retains all of its internals and leather carrying strap. There are faint makers visible with a 1940 date.

Code: 63512

325.00 GBP

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MG34/42 Assault Drum Magazines & Carrier

A very nice set of MG34/42 assault drum magazines still in their original finish. One magazine has the makers code "ddf" ( Lohmann-Werke AG ) and is not dated. The other magazine is maker marked "wa" ( Hugo Schnieder AG ) and dated 1943. The carrier is also still in its original wartime finish and maker marked "WA" for Hugo Schnieder AG, which is also known as "HASAG". The carrier is also dated 1943.

Code: 63511

345.00 GBP

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MG34/42 Assault Drum Magazines & Carrier

A set of assault drum magazines for use with the MG34 and MG42 machine guns. Both magazines have been repainted ordnance tan which i believe was done after 1945. However both magazines do retain their original finish underneath Both magazines appear to have had the back screw nuts replaced. Both magazines are not dated or maker marked. They do come with a 1943 dated carrier which has the makers code "wa" Hugo Schneider AG ( Hasag ). The carrier has been repainted in Yugoslavian army green. The drum magazines also fit the Yugoslavian M53 machine gun which is a post-war copy of the MG42.

Code: 63510

255.00 GBP

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MG34/42 Oil & Petrol Tins

This is par of of the maintenance kit for use with the German MG34 and MG42 machine guns. It consists of a standard ammunition tin with the petrol and oil tins. This example has had post-war use with the Yugoslavian army for use with the MG53. The Yugoslavs repainted the tin to a Yugoslavian green. However the ammunition tin has been repainted by a re-enactor.

Code: 63509

135.00 GBP

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German Medicine Bottle

This is a small empty glass bottle which contained medicine.

Code: 63508

15.00 GBP

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German Anti-Dust Goggles

A packet of German anti-dust goggles still in their paper packet. This example contains two pairs of goggles.

Code: 63507

15.00 GBP

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German Drivers Goggles

German goggles used by drivers and despatch riders. This example is in good condition.

Code: 63506

75.00 GBP

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German Army Belt & Buckle

This is a steel German army belt buckle which still has its leather tab attached, which is dated 1939 and has a faint makers stamp. The still buckle has a makers code "RS&S". The buckle comes with leather belt which is size marked "105".

Code: 63505

185.00 GBP

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